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Refer Tenants

Every successful Tenant Referral
earns Rs.1000/-

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Every successful Owner Referral
earns Rs.10,000/-

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with our Referral Program

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FAQ’s and Terms for Refer & Earn

What is a Qualified Referral ?

A qualified referral is a new lead that we have not received before i.e., we have not contacted, quoted or dealt with in the past. A successful referral is one in which payments and agreement have been executed for that qualified referral.

Can I refer only tenants or owners or both?

Yes, You can refer both tenants and owners. A tenant or owner cannot refer himself as a tenant nor refer his own property.
An existing tenant can qualify to refer a new tenant only after completing a minimum stay period of 15 days and is still staying with us.

When do I get paid?

The referral fee is credited to the tenant’s next invoice as an advance, thereby reducing the monthly rent of the tenant. In case of owners, the referral fee is credited to the owner’s account along with their next regular Monthly Rent credit.