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How do I Rent My Property in Mumbai?

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As an owner, you look for a reliable tenant by informing the local brokers and agents and by advertising the property in leading newspapers and websites. Once you get enquires from interested people, you select the best one from the available options. But it does not end here! You still have to complete the legal procedures, pay brokerage and commissions, ensure monthly rent collection, follow-up in case of delays in rent payment, keep a check on the up-keep and maintenance of the apartment and finally, terminate agreement and take vacant possession of premises as per the agreed terms.

Then you refurbish the apartment, update brokers of the vacancy, wait for them to get a new client and thus the whole cycle starts once again by the end of a year.

This process is followed year after year incurring huge costs towards loss of rent of vacant apartments which may range from a few days to a couple of weeks or months, refurbishing cost of the apartment and cost of brokerage and commissions.

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AccolinksOther Options
Guaranteed Rental IncomeWe guarantee your rental income with no loss irrespective of the apartment being vacant or notNo rental guarantee. You get your rents only if the apartment is occupied. You bear the loss when the apartment is empty.
Flexible Agreement periods3 to 5 years or more1 to 3 years
ConveniencePossibility to remain in contract for as long as you wishNeed to search for a new client frequently
CostsNo Commissions / brokerage payable to agents year after year No advertising in newspaper or websites neededCommission / brokerage payable for every new client every year Loss of rent for the period no tenant is occupied due to apartment being vacant.
TimingTimely transfer of rent in your bank accountDeposit the cheque once it is received from the tenant
Rental Payment Follow-upNo follow-up required as payment transfer process is automatedFollow-up may be required in case of delays in rent payments
Maintenance & Up-keep of apartmentWe have Dedicated housekeeping staff and caretakers taking care of regular maintenance of the apartmentNo dedicated staff available for housekeeping or caretaker for maintaining the apartment
Facility Management StaffWe have dedicated staff taking due care of the facilityNo staff provided
On Call AssistanceWe provide on call assistanceNo assistance provided

We Manage Everything. Enjoy Hassle Free Renting Solutions


Screened and Verified Occupants with relevant and complete documentation


Guaranteed Rent Payments
even when apartment is
vacant due to non-occupancy

Query Resolutions

Manage occupant queries and
resolve the same with no
hassle to owners

Professional Maintenance

Electric, Plumbing, Carpentry,
Painting, Pest Control, etc.,
all services at pre-negotiated rates

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