Here’s How Smart Owners Rent Their Property


If you are a home owner looking at commercializing your property by renting it, then ‘how to rent my property’ is one of the crucial questions for you. While every property owner has his own way of finding and selecting tenants, dealing with them is far from what you call hassle-free!


The general process for property rental in Mumbai is to go through a broker or to put up advertisements on newspapers and real estate portals. Not only you have to shell out brokerage money and advertising cost, in most cases you have little means of verifying the tenant’s background. And, in case you are a seasoned property owner renting your apartment for a while, you know all about the sudden water clogging in the kitchen or the mid-night distress call about some electrical disfunction!


So, the question remains, “Is there no hassle-free way to rent my apartment?”


End to end property management service is the answer to your problems!


Although not very mainstream in India, end to end property management services ensure that you get to earn rental income sans the hassles of finding a tenant, managing the property, and answering the mid-night calls!


Here’s some (seriously great) reasons why you should definitely consider a property management service for renting your apartments in Mumbai.


1. No Downtime Due to Vacant Property: Well, a vacant property is a nightmare for any property owner. Between the time when a tenant vacates the property and when a new one moves in, you, as a property owner not only miss out on rental income, but also have to spend a bomb with brokers and advertising platforms to attract potential tenants. And, you have to go through this entire process every time a tenant moves!


By enrolling your property with a property management service in Mumbai, you can guarantee regular monthly income, sans the pain of finding and managing a tenant. While most reputed services in this domain charge 15% to 20% as annual service fee, Accolinks (homepage hyperlink) charges No Fee and lets you have 3-5 years contracts with the opportunity to renew the same.
Guaranteed rental income (without delay), longer contract period and no brokerage fees: end to end property management is the smart way to generate rental income.


2. Property Maintenance is All Taken Care of: Maintaining a property is not easy! And, it becomes especially difficult when there are tenants living on it. What if the AC stops working in middle of the night? What if a window pane breaks while you are out of town? How to take care of a plumbing disaster when you are in middle of an important meeting? Well, your tenants would want you to fix these on immediate basis.


While it may be ‘doable’ for you, is it always convenient?


A good property management service generally take care of all the day to day maintenance needs without you so much as moving a finger.


3. No Brokerage Cost: Who likes to pay a hefty sum just to find a tenant who might as well vacate your property in months? No one! And yet, you have to pay a pretty considerable brokerage before each tenant moves in.


By signing up with a good property management service, you no longer have to!


4. No Rent Payment Follow Up: A good property management services will have all rental payments automated to ensure that you don’t have to follow-up for your rental payments.


Last Word…


Well, the question is how to find a great property management service in your city?


Although the service is not yet mainstream in India, Accolinks, a pioneering property management service is already helping property owners in Mumbai to generate hassle-free and steady rental income!


Click on the link below to start renting your property with Accolinks. It just takes 3 days to start your rental income!


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